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July 15, 2022 KLM Axiva Finvest starts its zonal office in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: KLM Axiva Finvest, a leading financial services company, has set up an office in Hyderabad to coordinate its operations in the state of Telangana. CEO Manoj Ravi, Vice President Business Head Srikant Nair, and Anish, the Area Manager have participated in the inauguration programme.
The company is headed to administrate and manage business functions of 400 branches of KLM Axiva, across the four states (Karnataka/TamilNadu/Andhra Pradesh & Telangana). There are over 40 branches in Telangana and there is a plan to expand the number to 100 by the end of this year. So, the Business Head will be positioned in Hyderabad and supervise the overall activities.
The Company is looking for bright chances in the state of Telangana. The state is fast growing in terms of industrial development and technology. The opportunities for microcredits are plenty and the relevance of NBFCs is also very high. Being a fast-growing NBFC, KLM will have greater expectations. The current performance of the branches and the potential market in Telangana looks promising.    
The company is primarily focused on the Gold Loan business. Investments, Forex, Money Transfer, Personal Loans, Vehicle Loans & Microfinance services are also there. Modern banking facilities have been set up in all the branches for the convenience of the customers, said company CEO, Manoj Ravi. In addition to the existing four states, the company plans to expand to Maharashtra, Orissa, and Goa.