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Financial solutions to Advance your business.

Developing paths to self-sufficiency

Micro Finance

KLM provides effective financial services that enable small business owners to invest in their future.

Microfinance is a type of financial service that is provided to low-income or unemployed individuals or groups who have no other access to financial services. KLM Micro Finance services empower people to start their own businesses and improve their quality of life. The ultimate aim of microfinance is to help people become self-sufficient by providing them with small loan amounts to start a business.

Microfinance services are provided to people with low income or unemployed individuals trapped in poverty and do not have enough earnings to start a business with the traditional financial institutions. Microfinance provides people with reasonable small business loans strictly following ethical lending practices. Micro financing is definitely an option for poverty-stricken dreamers looking to create a business of their own and get ahead. At KLM we offer a wide range of loans that help clients increase income and become self-sufficient.

Provides individuals access to credit

We respect the commitment of every borrower by complementing their aspirations and empower them to achieve their dream.

Empower and mainstream women

Micro finance for women has received extensive recognition as a strategy for poverty reduction and for women's economic empowerment.

Supporting the Self-Help groups

Microfinance facilitates the development of self-help groups and enables sustainable development through them.

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