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Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

Chairman’s Voice

From a humble beginning, KLM has been in its epic journey to be the pioneers in the field of finance. Unlike other companies we have become the super store of all financial products. With a strong vision based on hard work, open communication and high social responsibility, has transformed KLM to more than a financial institution.

Overall the year 2020-2021 has been remarkable regarding our company. We have opened new branches through out Kerala and South India as well. Introduction of new products, perfect strategy of business and operations has brought in a face lift to KLM. The decision of the board to go for public issue of debentures this year and to enter into equity market by 2022 are the crucial decisions from the part of the company. The fast growth in operation in other states also are our indices to a better performance this year.

Even in the current scenario of recessions and calamitites KLM has performed well in business, investments, control of NPA and in all other areas of business. To be a front runner in the field KLM has to move a lot forward. By the support of share holders and well wishers only we could reach the heights. I request the whole hearted support from every one and also express my sincere thanks to those who had been our back bone all these years.

Dr. Alexander John Joseph

- Chairman